Our system helps address the complex issues that surround benefits and compensation.

At the core of our comprehensive program are voluntary, employee-paid insurance products, made available through the convenience of payroll deduction. These benefits, although purchased in a group setting, may be portable.

Our system also features effective communication and enrollment, including core benefits and flexible spending accounts if requested; an innovative flexible benefits program; and superior service.

We represent only the best carriers who are committed to worksite marketing for the long term. These carriers represent the best of the voluntary benefits field. Typically they are A+ Superior rated firms, each specializing in different markets, products and group sizes.

The process is driven by a one-on-one laptop enrollment system that gives each employee a review of the current benefit plan, what it is valued at, and the ability to customize the plan through voluntary benefits. Voluntary Benefits have become more and more an important part of today's benefit package as other benefits have continued to rise in cost.

Our company serves employers and employees by providing creative benefits solutions - answering the needs for insurance, financial protection, and personal security. Voluntary Benefits System success is reflected in our record of corporate accomplishments.

This system is proven to improve morale and help retain valued employees.

As today's work force changes, Voluntary Benefits System adapts it's products and services to meet evolving needs. As needed we will continue to develop new and innovative programs, programs with a proven advantage for employers and employees.

Key Points

  • National enrollment capibilities
  • Selecting the right carrier
  • Scaleable options
    • 25 employees to 1,000+
  • Individualized benefit statements
  • Best carriers, A+ superior rated firms
  • One-on-one enrollment system
  • Improve morale and retain employees
  • Evolving programs for changing workplace